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Retail Compliance. Real-time Promotion Activity. Track Sales Reps.


ConnectFMCG is a field sales solution that ensures your brands are stocked, seen and sold.

We believe that companies shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for dollar-based, end-to-end field execution tools for their sales teams. Our route-to-market app is designed to make daily store visits for area managers, sales reps and merchandisers more focused and productive.

ConnectFMCG is built for manufacturers, agencies and distributors in both formal retail and general trade environments.


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Project Team

Forhin Tuyluoglu — Creative Director
Barrack Celik — Head of Art & Illustrator
Beyn Canpolat — Art Director & Designer
Kersa Kara — Front-End Developer
Lian Sezyum — Copywriter


Awwwards — Site of the Day (2017)
Fwa — Best Mobile App (2016)
Css Design Awards — Honorable Mention (2017)
Semplice — Best Showcase (2018)

Product Audits